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American Idol Recap – Top 7 Perform

Looks like we’re going to start each episode now with a tribute to the fallen comrade as if there were really any true negative to being voted off of Idol at this stage in the game. Difficult to feel pity for them.

I guess Tommy Hilfiger was upset with his lack of screen time last week, because we’re back in some silly montage with him advising and dressing the contestants. They all looked about as excited to be there as we are to watch.

Tonight the contestants are singing songs from 2010 on forward and the guest host is Akon.

Skylar – “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You” by Kellie Pickler
Amazing that little Kellie Pickler has folks singing her songs nowadays. Go Skylar!!! Girl has really raised her game the last couple of weeks. I agree with Jimmy – she didn’t need the guitar. It didn’t enhance her performance at all. But she still shined. Judges gave her deserved props.

Colton – “Love The Way You Lie” by Skyler Gray
They are setting up a Colton vs. Phillip competition. Um…no competition there. Would it be blasphemous of me to say that Colton could take some lessons from the Brackensickness on switching between chest voice and falsetto? Eww. Aside from that, it was good and solid. Thing is, dude is just not interesting enough to sustain. But he does know how to stare into the camera. Steven heard something I don’t and is dreaming of Colton singing his own songs. I just wish he would shave that skunk off of his head.

Elise & Phillip – “Somebody I Used To Know” by Gotye
Love. Judges all gave Elise more props than Phillip. I loved the way he performed this one. And I love what a mensch he is saying repeatedly that Elise is a better singer than he is. Love. And I love that Elise is finally getting some respek.

Jessica – “Stuttering” by Jasmine Sullivan
Great to see Jessica not yoked by a legendary song. Simply flawless. Amazing. And thankfully not a drop of pageant queen in her this week. Jennifer wants Jessica to take her on a ride.

Joshua – “Run Away Baby” by Bruno Mars
Mantasia just turned 20 and gets a video greeting for none other than Fantasia. Will my dream come true of a Fantasia-Mantasia duet in the finale? Jimmy and Akon both talk about Joshua’s humility, which I agree is a big part of his appeal. So great to hear him do an uptempo song and have some fun. And it earned him the night’s first standing-o! This guy truly is Mantasia.

Colton & Skylar – “Don’t You Wanna Stay” by Kelly Clarkson & Jason Aldean
Also known as Skylar harmonizes with some dude. I mean, girl is singing Kelly Clarkson REALLY well. I’m buying her country album. It was just ok for the Dawg. As if we care.

Hollie – “Perfect” by Pink
Hollie singing Pink? Wait – Hollie is still here? A good reminder that the weakest performer left in the competition still really SING. A little above the pitch I think. Jennifer started out telling her she was beautiful and that they would see how it all pans out. Oh boy. It wasn’t perfect for Steven either. Thank you Randy for saying she was better than last week, because she was. The judges are clearly trying to pave the way for her exit, which seems all but assured this week.

Phillip – “Give A Little More” by Maroon 5
Not sure why there was an old lady playing sax on the side of the stage. I agree with JLo that it was a little underwhelming for Phillip Phillips and that she has seen this performance before. But at least this week he was on pitch!

Hollie, Jessica, & Joshua – “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson
Firstly, why muss up last week’s dynamic duo with Hollie. Secondly, poor Hollie for being paired with the dynamic duo. Although apparently, Hollie & Joshua are “besties”. Actually, the only one who really stood out to me on that one was Joshua. Three people was unnecessary for that song.

Elise – “You And I” by Gaga
Jason Segel recorded a video message for Elise telling her he loves her. Awwww. Elise brings echoes of Haley Reinhart with her choice of song (remember how Haley was skewered for slaying a then-unknown song authorized for pre-release by Gaga?). I am not sure I agree with Steven that it was “brilliant”, and I’m not even sure I preferred it to Haley’s version last year, but it was very strong and enjoyable and should keep Elise safely above Hollie.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances:

  1. Jessica
  2. Joshua
  3. Skylar
  4. Elise & Phillip
  5. Elise
  6. Colton & Skylar
  7. Colton
  8. Phillip
  9. Hollie, Jessica, & Joshua
  10. Hollie

Who’s Going Home This Week

Hollie. Need I say more?

I guess a little. Elise will be in the bottom three again to be joined for the first time by either Colton or Phillip, unless their voting blocks are so strong that Skylar drops in. Hard to say at this stage for sure.

I also think that on the off chance that Hollie escapes elimination, the judges will use their save.

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