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American Idol Recap – Top 7 Results Show INSANITY

The top 7 open the show performing Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”.  Hilarious moment with Phillip and Colton on “Why So Serious?”

First up…

Hollie and Jessica
Jimmy says they both have good voices, but Hollie is contrived, stiff, and not in the right place.  I have a bad feeling about this one for some reason.  Looks like they are doing the old two group thing.  Ryan sends Hollie to one side and Jessica to another.

Performance by James Durbin!  He’s a blond now.  And as I predicted last season, now that he’s singing his own songs, I have no interest.  Sorry, James.  You’re very talented, but it’s not my thing.  He got married and Stefano was his best man!

Next up…

Phillip & Elise
Jimmy thinks that both will be in the bottom three tonight.  Phillip is such a mensch.  Phillip is sent to join Hollie and Elise is sent to join Jessica.

Performance by JHud and Neyo.  Damn she looks good, aside from that animal that seems to have crawled up and died on her head.  Always good for non-winning former Idols to come back on a results night.  Has to take some of the sting off of whoever gets voted out.

Next up…

Colton & Joshua
Jimmy thinks they both did well last night.  He’s in on both of them.  Joshua is sent to stand with Jessica & Elise and Colton is sent to stasnd with Hollie & Phillip.

Skylar is left, which must mean she’s safe.  Jimmy is afraid she could get left behind because she’s subtle, but he loves her.  Yup.  Skylar is SAFE.

Ryan asks her to go with the group she thinks is safe and of course she is smart enough not to choose anyone.


Bottom three are Joshua, Jessica, and Elise.  Yup, America.  I knew you would have to break your normal streak at some point.  You brought the insanity tonight.  The fact that Hollie would not be in the bottom three is shameful.  Even more shameful, however, is Randy’s comment:  “11 seasons of doing this show I have never seen this happen.  This is a ridiculous bottom three.  I’ve never said this – America – they got it wrong tonight.  They got it so wrong.”  Um…Randy – did Jennifer Hudson not JUST vacate the stage?  Do you honestly not remember the night when JHud went home after she found herself in the bottom three with Fantasia and LaToya London?  Really?  This is the FIRST time America has gotten it wrong?  How do you even take yourself seriously?

Steven jumps the gun and says that the Judges are going to use their save tonight, saying what everyone already knew, but ruining any suspense that someone might go home.

Joshua is SAFE
Elise is SAFE

Jessica Sanchez is the lowest vote-getter.  Jesus.

Jessica starts her “sing for your life” moment, but the judges rush the stage, force her to stop, send her to safety and implore America to get its act together.  Randy tells the audience that Jessica is one of the best singers in America and that America should be voting for the BEST.  Boy, are these producers scared.

Let me say that I have really gained a lot of respect for Jessica in the past few weeks.  She handles this news with a ridiculous amount of composure.  Ridiculous.  She really does seem prepared for whatever was going to happen.  And you know, I think she’s a smart cookie.  She knows, as do we, that winning this thing is no guarantee of success (AHEM – LEE DEWYZE), and that being ejected even unceremoniously early (AHEM – JHud who Jessica is MOST LIKE and who is THERE TONIGHT) is no impediment to success.  This woman will be successful whatever happens in her life, because she just isn’t going to let anything get in her way.  Kudos to her.  She’s got my vote.

So what have we learned tonight?

  1. Colton and Phillip are most definitely the front-runners.  It may actually now be impossible for anyone but a cute white man to win this competition.  And no question, the Idol producers are going to be throwing as many obstacles in their way as possible in the next few weeks, because a win by either of these two, despite their talent. will likely be the final nail in Idol’s coffin.  Just not possible to pretend that other types of contestants will ever have a chance if either of these gents win.
  2. Neither Jessica nor Joshua are going to win this thing.  America is racist.  And America certainly ain’t voting for the best singer to win this competition.  Both will likely be safe next week due to the wake-up call tonight will provide to their fans.  But I don’t think that wake-up call will overcome what got them where they were tonight in the first place.
  3. Elise doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning.  She has been in the bottom more times than Randy says stupid things.  Good for her for constantly having comebacks.  But it doesn’t spell “winner”.
  4. Skylar has a fighting chance.  With Jessica and Joshua so vulnerable and with her safe result tonight, Skylar could be the only chance of toppling the white gents.  The Idol producers have to know this by now and are likely to pump her up as a real contender.  Hey, I could live with this result.

I really don’t know who is voting for Hollie at this point.  I think it must just be folks who feel badly for her.  The fact that she didn’t even make the bottom three tonight was shameful.  But she still ain’t gonna win.

I’m not sure why I lulled myself into thinking America got a brain this season.  Despite the great way it was going so far, something like this had to happen.  Remember though – this week there was still a get-out-of-jail-free card.  Next week is the biggie.

Wertheim out.

  1. Benjamin nissanoff
    April 13, 2012 at 10:52 am

    “America is racist” Michael that is a very inflammatory statement and one not founded in facts. Ruben studdard won over clay Aiken. Fantasia won. Jordan sparks won. That’s three out of 11 seasons. Bottom line jessica was painfully boring. Joshua’s song choice sucked. And who’s the third one again? … Exactly.

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