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American Idol Top 7 – The Results (Take Two)

The opening credits include the phrase “Another Shock”.  I’m not sure how that could be possible.  Last week pretty much trampled on Idol’s ability to shock.  Anyone could go home now and I wouldn’t be surprised.  Oh – there’s the shock.  Jessica’s mic was off for her solo during the opening number, “Dancin’ In The Streets”.  Foreshadowing?  For all you Elise haters out there – Nate – the vision in orange definitely sounded the best during this opening number.

Joshua & Hollie are up first.
Jimmy thinks Joshua did himself a lot of good last night.  Jimmy thinks Hollie took a giant step this week, but thinks she will be in the bottom three.

Joshua is SAFE!!!
Hollie is in the bottom three.

Kris Allen performs after audience member Taylor Hicks announces that he’ll be “playing Vegas this summer.”  Oh, poor Taylor Hicks.  And I remember once again why I liked Kris Allen so much.  Unfortunately, he gets lumped into the Lee Dewyze years.  But this guy is charismatic and great.  I hope his new album does well.  He’s a mensch.

Up next…Elise & Skylar
Jimmy thinks Elise is going to spend time in her vacation home in the bottom three, if not going home.  Jimmy thinks Skylar is the best performer they’ve got.

Elise is in the bottom three.
Skylar is SAFE.

LMFAO performs and I fast-forward.

And finally…Jessica, Phillip, and Colton
Jimmy says Jessica is singing songs that are too old for her.  Jimmy think Phillip did an amazing job.  Jimmy agreed with me that Colton was completely wrong on “Bad Romance” and that he has to reboot.

Jessica is SAFE.
Phillip is SAFE.
Colton is in the bottom three.

Elise is immediately sent to safety.  Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!

Hollie had her comeback and is SAFE.


And America, we are back on track.  Colton, Elise, and Hollie were a perfectly acceptable bottom three.  Based on last night’s performance, Hollie deserved to stay.  Colton was ALL OVER THE PLACE last night.  And last week was the culmination of his transformation from fauxhawked rocker to frosted emaciated garbage-wearer.  He is most definitely a talented guy, but I must say I am glad he’s no longer “in it to win it.”  If another white guy is going to win this thing, it had better be Phillip Phillips.  Colton sings his goodbye song straight to Jesus, who clearly did not want Colton to win, because Jesus decides who should win American Idol.

I might now even wager that Hollie will make it further than anyone imagined, since she is the only one left who would really have a comeback story for people to get behind.


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