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American Idol Recap – Top 6 Results Show

The Queen Extravaganza opens up the show with “Somebody To Love”.  Ah, so that’s why we had a medley last night.  Because it ain’t happening tonight.  Eh.  So-so.

Then the Idols go to TMZ’s offices for some “coaching” on dealing with the paparazzi.  Kind of funny actually.  Anything to keep Tommy Hilfiger from appearing on the show.

The fact that the producers aren’t touting “another shocking exit” this week plus the fact that they didn’t separate the groups into two groups of three seems to be a sign to me that we won’t be shocked with tonight’s results.

Jessica and Elise are first up…
Jimmy hated “Bohemian Rhapsody”, but felt that “Dance With My Father” was perfect.  Jimmy thinks Elise doubled-down on bad song choices.

Elise is in the bottom three.
Jessica is SAFE.

Casey Abrams is in the house looking even more hirsute than last year and frankly, quite scary.

In other Season 10 news, Stefano Langone performs his new single “I’m On A Role”.  Well, lip sync’s it at least.  And it’s a teeny-bopper dance-fest.  Who knows?  There may be enough Bieber fans out there to vault the 7th place finisher from last year to a successful career (good news, Colton Dixon!).

Hollie and Joshua are next up…
Jimmy thinks “Save Me” was Hollie’s plea to the public.  He thinks “The Climb” was solid, just worries that it may have been too little, too late.  Jimmy thinks Joshua will take it to the finals and says that if he gets voted out tonight that there is something wrong with “the competition, the voting, the entire ball of wax.”

Hollie is in the bottom three
Joshua is SAFE

Katy Perry performs, America!  She sings “Part of Me” and her usual vocal shakiness is masked pretty well with a backing track, but once again shows the singers on Idol that it’s not necessarily the best voice that ends up succeeding.

Finally, we’ve got Skylar and Phillip
I was wrong about Jessica being in the bottom three, so now I have to face the fact that one of the two I said would definitely be safe will not be.  This will be interesting.  If it’s Phillip then he is no longer inevitable.  If it isn’t, he is most definitely winning this thing.  My gut tells me it’s Skylar.  Jimmy thinks that Skylar’s second song choice was self-indulgent.  As far as “lady killer” goes (Ryan’s moniker for Phillip, not mine), Jimmy thinks Phillip has been having a rough time with not feeling well and that it wasn’t the time to do a Dave Matthews song and thinks that he may have now left an opening for someone else to be in the finale.

Skylar is in the bottom three.
And Phillip Phillips is YOUR American Idol.  Premature?  Perhaps.  But he is SAFE.

Skylar is immediately sent to safety.  Whew.
Hollie’s comeback seems to have worked.  She is also SAFE.

As predicted, Elise is sent packing.

Now it is certainly a travesty that Hollie outlasted Elise.  But it’s also a miracle that Elise held on as long as she did.  She really had no fan base and lasted a lot longer than I thought she would.  She even lasted long enough for me to lose interest in her, especially because it was always painful to worry about how she would be received.

As I said earlier in this post, Phillip is an inevitability for making the finale, if not to win the whole thing.  I wish that fact would make me happy, but sadly it doesn’t.  Don’t get me wrong – I still love me some Phillip Phillips.  But I like the winner to have earned the title, not to coast through simply because his demographic votes more vociferously than does that of other contestants.  I want to believe that David Cook and Kris Allen (and even Scotty McCreery) earned their titles fair and square, and I want to believe that Phillip Phillips will earn his as well, but throw Lee Dewyze in there and the fact that Phillip’s win will make him the fifth white man to be crowned American Idol in as many years shows pretty clearly that the folks who have stuck with this show will always prefer a white man.  I mean, even Phillip has said repeatedly that others have much better voices than he does.

Oh, well.  At least the final 5 (final 8 actually) could all have careers.  Here’s hoping that Hollie doesn’t foil Skylar’s chances of making it past next week.  I doubt it will happen – Skylar’s bottom-three place should get her fans voting like mad next week.

Ta-ta, Elise.  Wertheim out.

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