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American Idol Recap – Top 5 Results Show

For some reason, my DVR didn’t record the first 15 minutes, so I tuned in tonight while Coldplay was performing.

I also tuned in to the news that Joshua is SAFE.

Hollie and Phillip are up…
Jimmy thought she killed it on River Deep and was neutral on Bleeding love.  Jimmy thinks Phillip should be in the bottom two but that he probably won’t be.

Hollie is in the bottom two.
Phillip is SAFE.

So far, I am correct.  Joshua deserved it, Phillip didn’t, but neither are a surprise.  If Phillip could advance last night, he has no chance of not winning this thing.  Then again, I could see him somehow withdrawing from the competition because he has no desire for the crown.

Idol’s favorite daughter, Carrie Underwood performs her new single.  Is this a crossover album?  Doesn’t sound very country to me.

Skylar and Jessica are up…
Jimmy says Skylar is really bringing it.  But he didn’t like “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”.  Jimmy thought Jessica slayed “You Are So Beautiful” but that “Proud Mary” was a disaster.  Uh oh.  She goin’ home.  Wait…

D’oh.  I’m wrong.

Jessica is SAFE.
Skylar is in the bottom two.

Coldplay performs again.

And for the first time, I am genuinely sad, as Hollie is SAFE and Skylar is going home.  Awww.  She didn’t deserve to go home tonight and she really, truly brought her best every week.  She just became a victim of Hollie’s late surge.  It really was either Phillip or Jessica’s night to go home.  But I don’t think it matters for Ms. Skylar Laine.  If Kellie Pickler got a bona fide Country career from her stint on Idol, there’s no question in my mind that Skylar will as well.

So we’ve got our top four – PhilPhil, Mantasia, JChez, and Hollie.  Never expected Hollie to make it this far, but at least she has earned it the last couple of weeks.  It would really be amazing if she sang her way into the final three, pushing Jessica aside.  I can’t say it’s not possible at this point.  But I’m still putting my money on a PhilPhil-Mantasia finale.

Wertheim out.

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  1. Brian Dunkelman
    May 4, 2012 at 10:46 am

    Need to decide what Skylar’s voters will do now. Some will pout and no longer vote. Otherwise, I suspect that her voters may actually swing to Hollie.

    • Michael Wertheim
      May 4, 2012 at 10:53 am

      I agree. I think she could spoil her way into the top two. How about the Kat on survivor? Better than Colton!

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