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American Idol Recap – Top 4 Results Show

Let’s just dive right in.

Results up first…PhilPhil
Jimmy has only praise to levy on PhilPhil for last night’s performances, which means that Jimmy has also been told that PhilPhil’s inevitability cannot be reckoned with, since Jimmy would previously have been the first person to say that PhilPhil’s first song sounded like it was being sung by Kermit the Frog.  And…we’ll have to wait.

Hollie is called up next.
Jimmy thinks she was a disaster in the second song.  Which must mean she’s leaving tonight.

David Cook performs.  Love David Cook.  But I was bored.

Joshua is called up.
Jimmy thinks “You Raise Me Up” let him down, but he agreed with me that Joshua’s second song was pure magic.

Jimmy thinks Jessica did a great job but that impersonating an old Jazz singer wasn’t her best choice.  He thought Jessica murdered her second song and that it was perfect.  I agree.

JLo performs.  And I say performs, because she doesn’t sing.  She lip syncs on the Idol stage.  Who cares?  You watch JLo because she is a great dancer and super hot.

Your final three are:

  • Jessica
  • Joshua
  • Holl…..NAH!  PhilPhil

One of the least suspenseful evenings of Idol this season.  Hats off to you, Hollie.  You overcame a horrible (long) streak in the middle of the season to stage a comeback no one expected.  There has been a barnacle each season of Idol, whether it be Nikki McKibbon, John Stevens, Sanjaya Malakar, Paul McDonald, Kristy Lee Cook, or the entire cast of Season 9.  As the Barnacle of Season 11, Hollie was indisputably the most talented and deserving barnacle ever.  I would say that she should be happy to have made it so far, but unfortunately, she was also the ONLY contestant left who NEEDED to win.  Jessica, Joshua, and PhilPhil have been promised recording contracts repeatedly on screen all season.  Each will be signed within a day of the finale.  I think Hollie is a tough sell.

Next week, we lose one very deserving contestant (Jessica) as we come one week closer to PhilPhil’s coronation.

Wertheim OUT.

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    How did u pick up the points to post ““American Idol
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