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American Idol Recap – Top 3 Results

The show opens with the top three singing the Beatles’ “Got To Get You Into My Life.”  Jessica has a lightness and an energy she did not display once last night.  Despite my prognostications, odds have Jessica staying tonight and Joshua being ejected.  Seeing Jessica back to form makes that seem not so far-fetched.

Joshua is up first…
Jimmy thinks Joshua had a good night last night, but that the judges were too easy on “I’d Rather Go Blind.”  Jimmy agreed with me that Imagine wasn’t all that.  Jimmy thinks he gave Joshua a song with “No More Drama” that didn’t have enough melody.  Methinks Jimmy is preparing us for a Joshua ejection tonight.

Lisa Marie Presley performs.  She follows Jessica’s lead of being stapled to her spot on the stage for the entire song.  She also sings a song that spans perhaps five notes.

Jimmy agreed with me that “My All” just wasn’t the moment Jessica needed.  He didn’t think the second was it either.  Jimmy says he chose “I’ll Be There” because there are times that Jessica’s voice reminds him of Michael Jackson.  Jimmy thinks Jessica has enough talent to sing on the Grammy’s, but doesn’t know if she did enough to earn a spot in the finale.

Glambert performs, finally embracing his gayness.  His stereotypical gayness, that is.

Jimmy says that Phillip’s sound is becoming more and more original, and that the performance was “no harm, no foul.”  Jimmy thinks “Disease” was a total snoozefest.  Jimmy says Phillip won the night with “We’ve Got Tonight.”  And Jimmy is pumping him up finally.

JESSICA SANCHEZ is the first finalist!  Which means…
PHILLIP PHILLIPS is your second finalist.

And the lucky contestant not to be saddled with the Idol crown is JOSHUA LEDET.  Joshua – you deserved to make it to the finale, my man.  You delivered over and over and over and over again.  You put the “man” in the ‘tasia”.  And you have zero to fret about, because you will have a recording contract by the end of the evening and whether or not you win Idol will not make a lick of difference for your career.  My hat is off to you.

Jessica – congratulations on being the first Asian-American to crack the top two.  I feared you would merely tie Jasmine Trias (what a ridiculous comparison) and end up only in the top three, but I now plan to trust whatever the online betting sites are saying and should have predicted your triumph this week with more certainty.  Despite having had a really blah night last night and some ups and downs over the season, you are freakishly talented and absolutely deserve your slot in the finale.  Your version of “And I Am Telling You” was sublime.  You will be America’s first Asian-American pop sensation.  Congratulations.  Well-deserved.

And finally, to my man PhilPhil.  Your casual disinterest and your inevitability did sour me on you in recent weeks, but I cannot deny that I was most definitely one of the zillions who were mesmerized by you for weeks and that you have a magnetism as a performer that is incredibly rare.  I hope you really do bring it next week and earn the crown that will no doubt be placed on your head next Thursday night.  You will confirm the theory that now only white men can wear the Idol crown, but you will outsell David Cook, Kris Allen, Taylor Hicks, Lee De-WHO? (ok, anyone who can carry a tune would outsell those last two), and you will very likely topple Idol’s new shining star, Scotty McCreery on the charts.  You will do the Idol machine proud and show that even if you have the most amazing voice the Idol machine has ever discovered, you can’t win the crown anymore if you have ovaries.

I will start praying every evening for the next week that we are treated to a Mantasia-Fantasia duet at the finale.

I am heading to the West Coast tomorrow morning and will be recapping PST next week.  Sorry about the delay.  Please try not to text or email me about the results before I have watched the show!

Wertheim out.

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