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American Idol Recap – Top 2 Performances: In Bed With The Nissanoffs

This week’s blog comes to you from the household of Lisa, Benjamin, Chloe, Jonas, and Rena Nissanoff.  We’re all on their bed watching together and they are my guest bloggers this evening.  We rarely agree on anything, so buckle up…

Chloe says that Jennifer Lopez is a really bad judge.  I agree.  Chloe also thinks Phillip and Jessica look like they are in love.  Chloe also thinks Phillip is going to win.  She’s the smart cookie in the family.

Round 1 – Simon Fuller’s Choices

Jessica – “I Have Nothing” – Whitney Houston
Lisa doesn’t like it from the announcement of the song.  Benjamin is falling asleep.  I think it’s great.  They think it’s torture, I think it’s great, but I agree with them that it isn’t showing anything new.

Phillip – “Stand By Me” – Benny King
We all agree that it’s not a great song choice.  I can’t say I like it very much at all.  But he looks great.  And he’s going to win.

Randy thinks round 1 went to Jessica, as do I.  The Nissanoffs think neither won round one.

Jason Derulo performs his new song “Undefeated”.  Um…shouldn’t this be on the results show?  What’s up with all the random people on stage?

Round Two: Their Favorite Performances

Jessica – “The Prayer” – Celine Dion
Wow.  Amazing.  Not surprisingly, the Nissanoffs think it was boring and elevator music.

Phillip – “Movin’ Out” – Billy Joel
Chloe thinks it’s just ok.  I have to agree.  The first time I found it to be transformational.  This time it was just solid.

Steven says that Jessica to the round again.  Randy thinks it was a tie.  Jennifer surprisingly thinks Phillip won the round.  I think Jessica was the clear winner.

Round Three: Original Songs For Idol

Jessica – “Change Nothing”
Freakishly talented.  Song was not terrible.  Once again though, the judges spend their time critiquing the song as if it were Jessica’s fault.

Phillip – ‘Home”
Beyond unfair.  They write this guy a much better song than they wrote for Jessica.  He barely sang at all during that song, but it was a great song.  Chloe thinks it is beyond amazing.  The judges give him as standing-o.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

  1. Jessica – “The Prayer”
  2. Jessica – “I Have Nothing”
  3. Phillip – “Movin’ Out”
  4. Phillip – “Home”
  5. Phillip – “Stand by Me”
  6. Jessica – “Change Nothing”

So Jessica killed it vocally, but Phillip will win.  No surprises.

Wertheim and Nissanoffs out.

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